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PLN9 Range of Services
At PLN9 Security we provide a comprehensive spectrum of manned security services. From one man guarding, to a multi-manned security team, PLN9 Security strives to exceed our customer's expectations. The Service that we provide is based on continuous assessment and improvement. Our managed security services include site security, retail security, business house security, corporate building security, hospitality security and event security.

PLN9 Security constitutes of a highly motivated team of security professionals and well trained guards. Stringent recruitment guidelines followed by an extensive training regime ensures that the security force catering to your business needs are smart, loyal and reliable.

PLN9 security personnel provide a distinct edge above the rest due to:-

•Initial training of three weeks at its well equipped and professionally managed   training    centre
•On-site training so as to ensure smooth operations in line with the clients   business/industry.
•Stringent physical and medical standards.
•Strict auditing and monitoring procedures by Assignment/Operations Officers on a   regular   basis.
•Effective follow up on performance of its manpower.

PLN9 Security operates a 24 hour Central Control Centre with a quick response team providing essential Officer Support and addressing concerns, this makes our team appropriately equipped to respond to the emergent needs within shortest possible time.
Managed security services in India is fast becoming a reality and is increasing its forte in this fast changing world. As the time is rapidly involving so our managed security services need to be ver involving with time. It is now and independent area of expertise and we cover all areas of enterprise security.
PLn 9 is leading provider of event securities and solutions to different clients across the country. We have solutions for all events whether it is a low profile or high profile event.We have years of experince in providing seurity solutions to diverse events.  
Site Security
Officers go through stringent vetting procedures meeting Industry Standards and Guidelines. PLN9 Security operates a 24 hour Central Control Centre providing essential Officer Support and addressing concerns. PLN9 Security puts all staff through a specifically designed training course, which is compulsory as per our company policy.
Stage 1. concentrates on personal skills such as appearance, honesty, discipline, integrity, patrolling Procedures and the Law. 
Stage 2. of the training course teaches all security officers how to deal with conflict effectively providing the necessary underpinning knowledge to carry out their duties. Our security officers will carry out the following tasks
•Perform night time patrols of the site perimeter 
•Provide a security presence to deter vandalism and thefts 
•Alert the appropriate emergency service in the event of an incident
•Notify management of overnight events 
•Perform searches on vehicles as instructed by management 
Retail Security
Officers are trained to the highest standard in customer service and shop floor etiquette. Training is provided for health and safety, fire safety, first aid and conflict management. PLN9 offers a complete Retail Protection Package comprising of highly trained in retail security - and highly visible - our uniformed officers provide full security cover wherever it's needed. Not just in identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters and vandals, but also for cash escorts, staff searches and warehouse delivery checks.
Educational Site Security 
With a significant growth in student numbers over the past years, now more than ever, it is essential that the security provider you use understands the education sector. PLN9 Security provides bespoke solutions that provide peace of mind and achieve best value. PLN9 Security provides you uniformed Security officers, who will perform essential security Roles on your premises, this service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff will be happy to carry out the following duties on request:
. Provide a general security presence in and around campus buildings 
. Provide protection for staff and students 
.Monitor the reception area 
.Check student and staff Identification 
.Check visitors
.Perform day and night patrols of student halls of residence 
.Prevent the theft of expensive laboratory and computing equipment 
.Report daily incidents to management 
.Regular perform car park patrols
.Perform Patrols of Grounds 
.Ensure students adhere to educational establishments rules and regulations
Event Security
At PLN9 Security we understand the need of a professional approach to the security of events this plays a critical role in an individual's impression of the service we provide to a customer. Essentially a safe environment promotes a relaxed atmosphere enabling customers to enjoy themselves without the fear of harassment or injury. 
All Clients are assured of a first-class, professional service with the emphasis being placed on providing a good working relationship with not only the client management team, but with the members of the public and guests who attend the event. Time and again events lose their appeal when security matters are not dealt with in a professional manner-thus leading to a loss of customers, profit and resulting in a tarnished reputation. 
The service we provide is at your discretion and can be assured of exacting standards, whatever your requirements. Most events will begin to have problems and a bad reputation when they hire security companies who are only too happy to supply inexperienced and poorly trained aggressive security Personnel. Our security personnel are personable, friendly, and are able to communicate effectively without appearing threatening or intimidating. We are there not only to maintain security, but also to assist your customers where possible. The mere presence of a well-trained security officer / door supervisor will remind the customer that their conduct is being scrutinized.
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